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The Sea Point Balcony Singer

Updated: Feb 20, 2021


On Friday the 10 of April, I was finally starting to feel much better after my third round of The Red Devil. I was so grateful to have a renewed sense of energy and an appetite again, after the rough week I had being woman-down it felt like a miracle.

I decided today was the day, I was going to go out on my balcony and sing to my neighbours. I was inspired by Evita (Eva Peron) singing Don’t Cry For Me Argentina on the balcony of the Casa Rosada in the show. I miss playing the role so much and haven’t sung for a while and decided, while I had this window between chemo sessions and I was feeling good, I wanted to sing!

I was also inspired by the talented artists performing on their balconies in Italy and thought I would sing “Don’t Cry For Me Quarantina” on my balcony for my neighbours just before the 8 pm clapping and cheering time that is our nightly expression of gratitude to our frontline service providers.

I have a sound amplifying setup at home for my singing and DJing so I put my speaker outside. ( My neighbour had to come and press play, but don’t worry we kept our social distance!) I spread the word on my social media, Facebook and Instagram that day.

The response from my neighbours was amazing they all came out to watch clapped and screamed and sang along to the uptempo songs. I was a bit concerned at first as I didn’t know if they would like it or shout at me to shut up! Thankfully they enjoyed it.

For my second concert on Saturday night my neighbour DJ Wulfsohn, had some proper gear in his garage and volunteered to set up a bigger rig and lights so we set up on my neighbour's balcony which was a bit bigger than mine. It was a misty night and the sound and lights travelled all the way down to beach road! It was magical!

The response on Facebook was overwhelming, I never imagined that this would happen, that the live stream videos would reach so many people. I thought I was just going out to sing on my balcony for my neighbours in the apartment blocks across the way.

I am truly humbled by the kind words, amazing messages, love and support I have received from people, it has given me so much strength during this time. I feel so blessed that I could bring you some joy on a Friday and Saturday night during lockdown and honour our healthcare and essential workers.

I am so excited to announce that I will be doing 3 more concerts on the 24th, 25th and 30th April. (the Last night of lockdown, if it isn't extended)

Everyone can Register here to get access to the live stream :

I will be pledging some of the proceeds to Reach for a Recovery ( & SAFE ( South African Fund 4 Entertainment ). (See below)

I would love it if you would Like my Facebook Music Page

Subscribe to my youtube channel

Tag me on instagram @daniellebitton1 if you can hear me in Sea Point from your balconies.

When I finish Chemo and the Corona Virus subsides, I would love to do a live concert and meet all of you in the flesh! how wonderful would that be?


After my concert on the 25th I'm very excited to announce that I will be part of this amazing online music festival with 33 of SA's finest DJ's to #saveourscene help us raise 1 million to support . I'll be on ( @dj_dani.b​ ) just after my lockdown concert at around 7pm just before @goldfishlive

I am feeling so much better this week with so much to look forward to and I can't wait to share it all with you. So please share the links with your family and friends and let's be in the here and now, count all of our blessings and celebrate this life together!

Lots of Love & Health


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