anielle first discovered a lump in her breast while 

While undergoing her chemo treatment during lockdown, Danielle went out on her balcony to sing for her neighbours and honour our healthcare and essential workers.


The response from her neighbours and on social media was overwhelming so she decided to do a few more concerts as she saw how much joy it was bringing to people during these trying times during lockdown, it also gave her something to look forward to. Danielle was featured on the News24 series as one of the "Faces of lockdown" in South Africa.


Danielle is a true inspiration to many, despite her circumstances she managed to find the light in what would have been a very dark time for most. She has been on a life-changing journey with-in, spiritually and mentally while battling the 3 C's; Cancer,Chemo and Covid-19 and looks forward to sharing the life lessons she has learnt in 2020 with you.

on tour performing the lead role in the musical EVITA in China in December 2019
"When you are whole the healing begins"