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Part 8: An Alzam Free Day For Mom

Today was a good day, I went for an appointment to my plastic surgeon, who who was happy with my progress and filled my expanders up with 50 CC's of Saline.

It didn't hurt when he put the needle in, but I have to tell you expanders are no joke, you feel like you have 2 tennis balls in your chest, they feel that hard, unlike breast tissue that moves and is soft. Sleeping has been really difficult as I usually sleep on my side and I've been flat on my back. I tried to lie on my side but you feel you are literally lying on a tennis ball in a corset and not to mention dealing with the pain from the surgery.

Another sensation you feel sometimes is that there is a lot of pressure on your chest and it feels like they might explode at any minute, like 2 water balloons. luckily this sensation has gradually subsided. After my "pump up" the left breast (cancer-free side) was much more painful as they filled it up more than the other one. yes I'm lopsided, do I care right now? No, I just want to be pain-free.

Ok back to the good part of the day. I put on makeup today and felt like a new person, back to myself, I was going to find a wig. After the plastic surgeon, we drove to Fascinations Hair in Tableview where they have a beautiful selection of synthetic and human hair wigs. Can you believe that last month I was in Guangzhou China buying hair extensions, never did I think it would come to this?

I went in so anxious as I looked at the mannequins heads with wigs that didn't seem to be my kind of look at all. A lovely woman greeted me and took me into a private room where I could try them on. I put on 2 beige stockings and mother told me I would even look beautiful with no hair at all. Cheryl the store assistant had carefully handpicked some long brown wigs that would suit me from the Jon Renau Collection.

I opted for a synthetic long brown lace front wig as the price point was R5500 including hair care products as opposed to a human hair wig retailing at R25000 - R30000, Ludacris! The maintenance of a human hair wig is a lot of effort compared to a synthetic wig that keeps its style even after its washed. No blow-dry or styling necessary and the best part is, no frizz in the rain! We had fun trying on a few different styles and colours, but my first choice, the one I had asked about over the phone was the winner! You couldn't even tell the difference with the synthetic one I chose ("Zara") to the human hair wigs. The hair even looks better than my own, full of volume and shiny. I left with a huge smile on my face and a sigh of relief. The scariest part suddenly didn't feel so scary anymore.

The Jon Renau Zara Lace Front Wig

I also got an email from the oncologist telling me my scan was clear! So that was another huge relief. Mom slept over we ate a wonderful Moroccan home-cooked meal that my aunt Rachel made for us, we read and fell asleep. today was a good day.

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