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Part 13: 20.02.20 A Good Day For Surgery

20.02.20 What a day to have surgery. If you're anything like me and into numerology, you would know that the repetition of numbers is a very good omen. In fact, a few years ago I started seeing double numbers all the time, apparently its a sign of ascension, that your angels are guiding you and you are on the right path. It comes to us to remind us to have faith and trust that you are being guided and protected and reminds us not to give in to fear.

My brother came to pick me up this morning at 5.45 am I was admitted at 6 am and put on my green gown and answered some nurses questions and before I knew it it was 7:30 am and I was going in for my second surgery, an axillary lymph node clearance. My Breast Surgeon Dr Dedekind greeted me with her beautiful smile and friendly charm.

This time I didn't feel that scared going into surgery it was just the results from the ultra sound on my liver that I was worried about because that would mean the cancer was moving aggressively at an alarming rate and metastasising.

After I woke from the anaesthetic my mother was by my side and My Surgeon Dr Dedekind came in to tell me the surgery was a success. It was quite difficult for her as she said I have the smallest armpit and due to my previous double mastectomy, I still didn't have much mobility in my arms so it was challenging to operate in the area. However it went well, no arteries or veins or major vessels were compromised so all was good. We would have to wait for the biopsy results to find out if there were cancer cells in the blob of tissue she removed. I would be staying in the hospital for a day or 2 until my drains were clear. I wanted to go for the ultrasound for my liver right away but it was only booked for the next morning. The waiting one again was killing me.

I met a lovely woman two years younger than me right across from me in the ward, Sheral was her name and I felt quite sad for her as I had so many visitors that day and she seemed to be on her own. I offered her some sweets and we began chatting. Sheral was so lovely, she was also spiritually inclined and stimulating company, We had some deep chats about life, destiny, dreams, hardships and family. She really did take my mind off the ultrasound test in the morning. Although I struggled to sleep, I took 2 Tramadol, 300 mg of gabapentin, a Dopaquel and was wide awake. I begged my nurse "Mercy" to have mercy on me and she gave me a Dormonoct to knock me out. I joked with her that next time she should just give me a horse tranquillizer.

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