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Part 10: The Hangover

I woke up with a dry mouth and the worst headache and hangover. Damn, it felt like I had downed half a bottle of tequila last night. I was slurring my speech too and still felt a bit high. I took a betapyn (my hangover cure) and drank 2 litres of water and it lifted the fogginess in my fuzzy head and took away my migraine. Surprisingly my pain had subsided radically, so it must have worked. although next time I'm only taking 4 drops, jeez never doing that again! I went with my brother for a quick 20 min walk to the beach near my moms house and back with our little puppy Lulu. I needed it as cabin fever was getting real. I will be expecting some visitors later which will be lovely. I am amazed how good people innately are, I am so grateful for the love and support I have received it has been overwhelming, it's Incredible.

Two friends came to visit and my uncle Charlie, it was so nice to see him and It's sad that it's been years since we have seen each other. Why is it that it takes turbulent times to reconnect people? Maybe life just has a way of leading one on different paths and when a crisis hits people feel they should show up and many come because it's the story of the moment and some appear again and stay after the drama too. it's all normal and I guess there is a natural spring cleaning of your life which is a good thing too. Either way, I am so thankful that my childhood friends and I have reconnected, they have truly been wonderful to me.

On Thursday I'll be going in for my second surgery and then I'll be starting Chemotherapy. so stay tuned to my next post ... and "The Chemo Chronicles" coming soon.

Love & Health


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