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My Corona

I was thinking, if there was ever a time in my life to get breast cancer, this is the perfect time!

I don’t need to have FOMO on all the gigs I’ll be missing, mourning the loss of my social life; parties, events and dating, as everyone is in the same boat!

Corona season is upon us, not so much a bikini party with free Corona beers by the pool, more like, people in latex gloves and face masks swimming in a pool of medical-grade sanitizer.

The mass hysteria is real, especially for me and all the other chemo patients who have compromised immune systems.

I was told by my breast surgeon today that my white blood cell count was low and due to this, they won’t be able to perform the surgery to insert the chemo port on Thursday. I told her that I felt well, and she informed me that even though I can’t feel it, my immune system is weak and compromised and I need to be extremely vigilant.

She urged me to stay away from any public places. Not to go to grocery stores or pharmacies, when I’m visiting the hospital, try to keep my distance from people. Refrain from any contact with my friends if they visit, a kiss on the cheek or hugging is forbidden! (I wonder If I’m still allowed to get some cuddles and love from my little puppy Lulu?)

Wear latex gloves and a mask, so you don’t touch your face.

Sanitise regularly and wash your hands with soap. Bleach surfaces of your home and sanitise your phone!

Now I’m starting to question ordering in food too, although you would think restaurants would take strict hygiene measures? However, I found another solution, a chef who supplies daily healthy and nutritious balanced meals for a decent price. I am going to try it.

The craziest thing about this Corona Virus (CVOID-19) is, I can’t believe that we were on tour in Wuhan in September! We used to go out in a very chic courtyard that was full of bars and restaurants. I had an amazing night out at the most gorgeous high-end cocktail and live music lounge for my birthday.

Just below the lounge was a very cool western restaurant-bar owned by a Frenchman called "Rhumarie" that I DJ'd at, it was such a vibe, filled with westerners and locals.


Some of us singers and musicians from the cast took over another live music venue, on an adjacent tree-lined street full of bars and restaurants one Saturday night and rocked the house. This was our nightlife area and can you believe it was only 2 miles away from the Huanan Market where the virus originated. Nuts!

On Dec 20th our flights departed Guangzhou, and 10 days later it was the Chinese Lunar year, with millions of people travelling all over China for the holidays and in and out of Wuhan, we were so lucky to get out when we did.

I can’t even imagine being stuck in China, not being able to leave with this diagnosis and all the hospitals filled with Corona Virus patients. Scary!

It is so frightening to see the footage of this ghost town, It was the most thriving bustling city.


So I guess I'll be in self-quarantine for the next 5 months, Thank God for FaceTime and Google hangouts (not that I've ever used it, but now is the time to start). My friends are going to a festival this weekend and I will not allow them to come near me for 2 weeks after. I was going to have friends visiting who are in perfect health, and the rules were; they have to wash their hands or sanitise with medical-grade soap/sanitizer upon arrival. They also have to sit 3 feet away from me in my apartment. No close contact. These are the measures I have to take to be safe.

However in light of a Jewish father and child contracting the virus after travelling abroad, subsequently all 8 Herzlia school campuses shut down and this family who tested positive living in my neighbourhood "Sea Point" self-quarantine is the safest measure I can take.

I spoke to a friend in Israel, who told me that people are stocking up on canned foods and potential closure of non-essential businesses sending non vital workers home for the next 5 weeks. In Italy, hospitals are so full in the north, that doctors are having to choose whether to treat a 40-year-old fit mother of 2 or a 60-year-old elderly woman with an underlying heart condition, while 15 other patients wait in line, barely able to breathe.

Dating in NYC is becoming even more complicated as people are scared. "Tinder has interrupted users’ swiping to deliver this announcement

Before Being well travelled was a desired quality intriguing members even more, now profiles say things such as: "We should match if you haven’t been to Italy", Some bios read "seeking a partner to help ride out the apocalypse with" while others flirt by saying " I want to be quarantined with you"

We are living in crazy times, this pandemic is taking the world by storm. It looks like "Netflix and chill" is going to make a massive comeback and who knows, there might be a major baby boom in 9 months, helping us replenish the worlds dying population.

luckily for me, I don't get lonely as I quite enjoy my own company. I don't get bored as I always manage to find a creative outlet whether it be music, art or making funny Snapchat videos.

Here's one on China

This song was stuck in my head today and thought it would make a brilliant parody video, but it's already been done.

I guess there's nothing left to do but buy some more hand sanitiser, latex gloves and some tins of tuna.

Love & Health


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